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There are a lot of viticultural regions in the Balkans, but none are as famous as the wine region of Macedonia, so it’s no surprise that some of the best wineries there make the most delicious.

rakija tikves
From Tikveš Winery

Lozova Rakija Žolta

Throughout the centuries, we have learned to caringly grow grapevines… We separate the grapes carefully and create a perfect basis for obtaining the famous Tikves region grape brandy…Always appreciated and wanted everywhere, well-kept and looked after for a long time under special conditions, we recommend it as Macedonia’s most famous aperitif.Serve chilled.
10°C - 12°C

Serving temperature

40% vol

Alcohol Content

From Grozd Winery Strumica

GROZD Strumicka Mastika

Traditional Macedonian beverage, which has been consumed with pleasure for more than 300 years

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The Republic of North Macedonia remains one of Europe’s last undiscovered wine countries: a natural paradise of vineyards, mountains, lakes and rivers, where life moves to a different rhythm, amidst the sprawling grandeur of rich historical ruins and idyllic villages that have remained practically unchanged for centuries.